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Westside Creative Tech Office
16 Photos

Open creative tech office in West LA. 

Windsor Circle Mansion
78 Photos
Satisfaction Warehouse
24 Photos

This clean warehouse is located in the famous Arts District downtown Los Angeles. With 3,000SF of warehouse space, and 4,500sf of parking this location is film ready for your next production. 

Property features include high ceilings, loading dock, roll up doors, polished concrete f...
Hollywood 959
130 Photos

Expansive Creative Office Campus in Hollywood. The two buildings offer both dressed and undressed Modern and Hi Tech offices.

The beautifully landscaped exteriors play as a Google like campus.

The great looking parking structure is film ready, and also offers plenty of room for cr...

Valley Urgent Care
44 Photos

This Modern Medical facility is dressed and may be filmed during the week. There is a dressed ER and MRI Imaging Room that won't open to the public until 2018.

There are also multiple exam rooms, long wide hallways, and a large dressed reception area.

Modern Corporate Headquarters
63 Photos

Beautilful classic contemporary office building in downtown Los Angles. There are two dressed offices suites with cubicle bull pens, one classic the other cubicle space is Modern upscale.

There are four conference rooms, and one is very Modern with glass barn doors.

The valet has ...

Glendale Family Center
66 Photos

These two expansive family community centers in Glendale are close to Warner Brothers, DreamWorks, Disney, Universal, NBC, and downtown Los Angeles.

Both buildings have multiple basketball courts, a banquet room, two dance studios, a yoga room, a gymnastics center, weight room, ping pong ...

Space G
16 Photos

This downtown warehouse is film ready. 


Solid Concrete Wall, Metal Walls, Meat Locker, Walk In Cooler, Exposed Cinder Block, Exposed Wood, Concrete Floor
12' x 15' Roll Up Door for drive in access.
20,000 SF, (2) Doc High loadi...

Modern Hollywood Office Building
74 Photos

Beautilful former office building for Motown Records in the heart of Hollywood. 

The Lobby may be filmed during the weekday. Productions may also film elevators during the weekday.

The filmable office suites all have different looks. There is the former 1970's wood panelled E...

Creative Hollywood Tech Office Building
61 Photos

This super Modern office building is in a historical part of Hollywood and has amazing views of Sunset Blvd.

The lobby may be filmed during the week anytime of day. There are dressed vacant offices with glass conference rooms and glass offices. 

There are two dressed bull pen...

Calabasas Dressed Office
67 Photos

This Modern lowrise in Calabasas has stunning natural light, a beautiful interior galss atrium and dressed office space with cubicles. 

There is plenty of onsite parking for all trucks and crew cars.

Sunset Strip Lofts
82 Photos

Modern Loft building on the Sunset Strip with iconic views of Hollywood. You can see the Hollywood Hills, Sunset Strip, the Laugh Factory and The Chateau Marmont.

 The large split level gym has lots of windows with great natural light and a great view of the pool area, which an infin...

Expansive Westlake Creative Vacant Office
116 Photos

This expansive Creative Office is vacant and dressed. The office is two spacious floors. There are multilple conference rooms, class rooms, larger offices, high tech cubicles, plenty of set dressing, larger breakroom with kitchen, plenty of beautiful natural light, great flooring, and a garden ar...

Modern Cubicle Office
23 Photos

This dressed Modern office space has a sea of cubicles, creative breakroom, and a great conference room.

Studio City Stone
57 Photos

This Studio City rustic home is now FILM READY!

Wilshire Medical Suite
43 Photos

This great groundfloor medical space is now film ready! Located inside one of our exclusive buildings, this space couldn't be more film friendly. 

Cushdon Residence
21 Photos
Lush Anywhere USA
38 Photos

Lushy landscaped Anywhere USA home, with a beautiful large pool in a grassy backyard. The property is beautifully landscaped. The home also boasts an open white kitchen with detailed tile work, light fixtures, cabinetry, and wood flooring.

The dining area and Living Room have perfect natu...

Arts Dist Creative Loft
17 Photos

This great 2 story arts district loft is now film ready!

DTLA Motorcycle Garage
18 Photos
This Do-it-yourself motorcycle shop located just east of the Arts District in Los Angeles. It features an open shop environment with nicely displayed tools and works for the look of a mechanic shop, custom bike shop, etc.
The upstairs and downstairs are each 2,000 Sq. Feet on a prop...
Contemporary Bank Building
34 Photos

This Modern Low-rise medical building in Beverly Hills was built in 1963.

The building has a Mid-Century expansive vacant bank, with a large intact bank vault.

Burbank Studio Space
63 Photos

This great studio complex has tons to offer. 3 different sound stages, a large theater screening room, recording studio, and false morgue walls. Also has dressing rooms, make up rooms, production offices, and holding rooms.

City Center
34 Photos

Film ready all week during normal business hours, this Modern City Mall, with glass and steel Atrium, has multiple escalators and available retail spaces. 

The Food Court and Market are also available for filming.

City View Cheviot
35 Photos

This Cheviot Hills residence is now FILM READY!

Lorenzo Modern Cheviot
43 Photos

This modern Cheviot Hills home is now FILM READY!

Man Cave
12 Photos

Welcome to the "man cave". This location can be used as an office or lounge/ hang out space and it is now FILM READY!

Wilshire Colonnade
36 Photos

The Wilshire Colonnade is now film ready! 

Iconic Mid-Century Architectural office building, built from 1968 to 1970, by Edward Durrell Stone.

The expansive plaza and courtyard, with stunning fountain, bring to mind the East Coast.

Modern Beverly Hills Office Building
43 Photos

The Roxbury Plaza is a Modern office building tower in Beverly Hills at Wilshire and Roxbury. The stunning building was built by Architect Anthony Lumsden and was completed in 1974.  It is film ready with a large raw vacant bank space and a vacant medical office.

The handsome exterio...

Creative Westlake Office
22 Photos

Creative Westlake Office Complex, with bull pen, glass offices, and lushly landscapped courtyard. The lobby has recently been updated.

Downtown Event/Roof Space
40 Photos

This 12th floor event and roof space is now film ready! Also has a Pizza joint in an availale retail unit. 

Dressed Sherman Oaks Offices
31 Photos

This Sherman Oaks 4 Story Low Rise office building has two dressed office suites. One dressed office suite is a creative office space with open bull pen and one is a contempoary office space with a call center set-up.

Citi Group Center
21 Photos

Citi Group Center is a 48 story class A+ skyscrapper in downtown Los Angeles in the Bunker Hill area. The building has a three tier green marble plaza complete with escalators, fountains and views. The building has three vacant built-out suites; one is the dressed vacant 14th floor law firm. Anot...

Equitable Plaza
29 Photos

Iconic Mid-Century building, built in 1969. The building and plaza take up the entire Koreatown block. Expansive glass lobby has great natural light and a government building feel. The lobby and plaza may be filmed during weekday business hours.


5900 Wilshire
62 Photos

Built in 1968 - 1971, this Modern office building in Miracle Mile, is across the street from the LA County Museum. The building has a Modern Plaza with designer landsacping, fountains and pools. The expansive glass lobby has 35 ft ceilings. 

The large glass lobby may be filmed during...

Burlingame Mansion
36 Photos
Santa Monica DE
37 Photos
Ocean Ave DE
35 Photos
Woman's Medical Clinic
8 Photos

This woman's medical clinic is now FILM READY! 

Birds And Bees Bar
10 Photos

The underground Birds and Bee bar is now film ready 

Redwood B&G
10 Photos

The Redwood bar and grille is now film ready!

Downtown Classic Highrise
38 Photos

These great DTLA studios are now film ready.

Burbank Vacant
28 Photos

This vacant burbank building with its own private lot is now film ready.

Van Nuys Auto Shop
9 Photos

This Autoshop in Van Nuys is now film ready

Brickyard NoHo
15 Photos

The Brickyard in NoHo is now film ready!

Brickyard Hollywood
12 Photos

The Brickyrad bar in Hollywood is now film ready!

Mr Furleys Bar
13 Photos

Mr. Furleys is now film ready!

Victor Apartments DTLA
24 Photos

This low income housing building is now film ready.


Tuscan- Style Mansion
103 Photos
Pacific Palisades Home
15 Photos
Santa Monica Boxing Gym
13 Photos