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DTLA Industrial Warehouse Complex
36 Photos
Calabasas Industrial Office & Warehouse
35 Photos

Expansive warehouse industrial property with light filled atrium reception area and executive offices.

Arts District Warehouse Complex
64 Photos

This amazing vacant warehouse complex is now film ready. Has tons of room for basecampp and 3 different warehouse looks. Great surrounding walls and tons of roll up doors. There are 2 fully functioning loading docks as weill. 


Vernon Warehouse
22 Photos
San Pedro Berth Warehouses
44 Photos

These expansive San Pedro Beths are now film ready. Offiering waterfront docks and large open space. 

Expansive Brick Warehouses
38 Photos

This great warehouse complex with functioning warehouse is now film ready

Freeland Warehouse Facility
165 Photos

This amazing complex has over 120,000SF of filmable space. Offices, loading docks, warehouse space, gallery space, mills, exposed brick,  conference rooms, sewing facilities, and warehouses make up this expansive complex. Pleanty of room

DTLA Law Office and Stage
129 Photos

The old stock exchange building is now film ready!

Creative Warehouse/ Office Space
51 Photos

Ready to film creative warehouse with 20,162 SF of vacant space. 12" high door that leads to the high level loading dock. With the main warehouse space that is 100" X 50" and an interior ceiling height of 21".

Vacant Multi-Use Space
44 Photos

This 27,000 sqft lot features 2 floors of vacant offices for production. There is 15 car parking and a covered stage area looking out over the LA river.  Ideal for a music video, prison yard (could be dressed as a jail), a construction site.  Perfect for a "gritty" scene. 

Santa Fe Barracks
17 Photos

This amazing hangar warehouse has tons to offer for your next produciton. With over 200,000 SF of space and 7 Bays this expansive location has more than enough space for your next project.

Canoga Park Vacant Warehouse Facility
30 Photos

130,000 SQ SF of production space in this film ready warehouse!

Huron Sub Station
27 Photos
Long Beach Startup Office/Retail space
61 Photos

This Long Beach retail office space is now film ready. It features a gameroom with bar, and open layout.

Weind Warehouse Complex
109 Photos

This Warehouse complex has multiple industrial warehouse looks, and useable office space. Also features tons of onsite parking.

Dressed Warehouse & Cubicle Office
37 Photos

This very film friendly active warehouse and dressed vacant office propety has a large bull pen with cubicles and three observation rooms with windows looking out onto the warehouse floor.

TV LA Sound Stage
13 Photos

This los angeles sound stage is now film ready!

Dance Studio Exclusive
36 Photos
Vacant Shipping Warehouse
38 Photos

This empty shipping warehouse is now film ready. It has great views of the warehouse from multiple different offices.

Burbank Studio Space
63 Photos

This great studio complex has tons to offer. 3 different sound stages, a large theater screening room, recording studio, and false morgue walls. Also has dressing rooms, make up rooms, production offices, and holding rooms.

Space G
16 Photos

This downtown warehouse is film ready. 


Solid Concrete Wall, Metal Walls, Meat Locker, Walk In Cooler, Exposed Cinder Block, Exposed Wood, Concrete Floor
12' x 15' Roll Up Door for drive in access.
20,000 SF, (2) Doc High loadi...

Frog Town Warehouse and Base camp Lot
42 Photos

This amazing Frogtown warehouse/stage is now film ready. With tons of onsite parking and base camp area this warehouse has lots to offer. There is also a exterior patio area, hair & makeup rooms, and produciton offices. 

Manufacturing Yard
51 Photos
Arts District Warehouse
11 Photos
LA Theater Complex
35 Photos
Arts District Warehouse with Offices
35 Photos

This clean warehouse and corporate office property is film ready. There are warehouse spaces on both the ground floor and the 2nd floor. The second floor warehouse has several skylights which provide great natural light.

The 2nd floor warehouse is vacant. The ground floor is an active war...

Calabasas Business Park
4 Photos