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Traditional House on a Cul De Sac
67 Photos

This quaint 2-story cottage is tucked away at the end of a cul de sac in the hills of Hollywood. Well kept traditional interiors with classic furniture and design. Spacious kitchen with white cabinets and tan granite countertops, perfect for a preparing for school scene. Eat-in kitchen and formal...

Canyon Country Ranch
61 Photos

This charming ranch home sits on a large property with swimming pool and horse stables. Inside is a spacious living room with second floor mezzanine, formal dining room, upgraded kitchen with granite countertops, pool table and bar room, music room, and several children's rooms. 

Flying M Ranch
250 Photos

This private rustic ranch property at 4,500 foot elevation on 130± acres of high desert terrain, is nestled in the Antelope Valley and populated with Joshua forests, juniper, sage and native plants. The majority of the acreage is virgin vegetation. The main residence is an artist’s r...

Italian Villa
161 Photos

This stunning Italian Villa transports your next production from Hollywood to the hills of France, all while staying well within the zone! The pool and views can play for a restaurant, lavish pool scene or just a backdrop with a view. Please ask for availability.

Modern Desert Retreat
19 Photos

This secluded ultra modern house sits just on the other side of the Nevada border from California. The house is ready for film and for still shoots, and should be the perfect look for your next modern hide away.

The T-Modulome sits on a large concrete plinth that seems to emerge out of th...

Buddhist Retreat Home
170 Photos

This peaceful retreat has a very unique layout featuring rock cut outs, skylights and being totally engulfed in nature. Transform your production to the 70's with the all natural look of this open layout home, set with a modern music recording set up and a Buddhist reflection room. 

Sunland Ranch
77 Photos

Welcome to the jungle. This former biker hang out and party palace is now ready for filming. The ranch includes a horse stable, a stream and multiple other interior and exterior shots for your next ranch scene. Located just off the 210 in sunland, this property is ready for your next shoot!