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Westside Vacant School
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This dressed vacant school is film ready. It has Urban appeal with an exterior basketball court, lockers, and many dressed classrooms. In addition to a school, this property could be shot has a prison, re-hab, or mental instituition.

Raging Waters
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Raging Waters is a family friendly theme park with water slides everywhere. The property sits on a dynamic piece of land, with streams and campground looks as well as any slide you can imagine. The season begins in April, but the park is open to filming all year. Please inquire with our staff abo...

Glendale Family Center
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These two expansive family community centers in Glendale are close to Warner Brothers, DreamWorks, Disney, Universal, NBC, and downtown Los Angeles.

Both buildings have multiple basketball courts, a banquet room, two dance studios, a yoga room, a gymnastics center, weight room, ping pong ...