Modern Desert Retreat


This secluded ultra modern house sits just on the other side of the Nevada border from California. The house is ready for film and for still shoots, and should be the perfect look for your next modern hide away.

The T-Modulome sits on a large concrete plinth that seems to emerge out of the desert, elevating the building above the ground and thereby expanding the breathtaking views from and of the house that sits alone in the middle of the valley.

The house measures 1,176 sf and consists of two 14’ x 42’ building modules that are connected by a large 900 sf deck that creates a transition zone between the building and the desert.  By using large full height glass sliding doors the building both visually and spatially can open up onto the deck and the desert beyond. The connection of the inside with the outside was a paramount design consideration which we achieved by using large floor to ceiling windows that expand and connect the rooms with the exterior desert landscape. Because of that visual connection the rooms can remain relatively small without feeling cramped.