Brian Capossela

A serial entrepreneur with an engineering background, Brian Capossela lives for a challenge. Deciding the real estate industry is broken, and that no single agent can be the best at everything, Capossela founded Cap Equity Realty and created a team. A trailblazer in the business, Brian Capossela dreamt of creating a way to make his company stand out from the crowd. He created Cap Equity Locations, the most relevant locations service in LA, and his clients began to see their properties on TV, commercials and in feature films.

Brokering several hundred transactions annually, Cap Equity Realty and Cap Equity Locations have quickly become a major force in the real estate and entertainment industries. Capossela is personally responsible for setting records by selling at the highest price/SF sales in Brentwood, Calabasas, and Pacific Palisades Highlands. Year over year, his team has double and tripled their personal and organizational sales goals.¬†Capossela’s seasoned experience and sharp instincts enable him to lead and create opportunities for buyers and sellers, while specializing in selling multi-million dollar estates.